At Kathleen Matinlassi and Co, we dedicate ourselves to serving our clients’ best interests, guiding them with expertise and a client-centric philosophy towards achieving their property aspirations. Our reputation is recognised for its exceptional real estate services, marked by a commitment to excellence with personal attention in every transaction.

We specialise in catering to families attracted to the exceptional lifestyle offered by Lake Macquarie and its surrounding areas, leveraging our deep community ties and extensive local knowledge to help our clients find their ideal homes and neighbourhoods.

Our inspirational marketing techniques, including social media engagement, video showcases, and targeted communication strategies, ensure that each property not only reaches but deeply connects with the appropriate audience.

Kathleen’s breadth of experience across a variety of suburbs infuses our agency with a unique and comprehensive perspective, elevating the level of personalised, high-calibre service we provide.

We are founded on principles of trust, honesty and transparency, streamlining the complexities of real estate transactions to create a trustworthy and effective process for both buyers and sellers.

Opting for Kathleen Matinlassi and Co means choosing a partnership with a team that is genuinely committed to realising your dreams, ensuring a smooth and satisfying journey through the real estate market.